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  • Benefit from 24 years of practical experience and more than 51,000,000 corrected PDF print files.
  • Free updates and new functions.
  • Comprehensible PDF test reports for users and end customers
  • The 3CPDF subscription can be canceled monthly.

Enjoy the benefits of 3CPDF wherever you want.

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Easy to use + Fair costs

With 3 intuitive clicks, you can create a printable PDF file. You don't need any expertise to make corrections such as "create bleed" or "scale PDF". For a flat monthly fee, you can use 3CPDF on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device. Subscriptions cost between €50 and €100 per month. No extra costs and can be canceled monthly with 2 clicks.

Customer loyalty + expertise

Surprise your customers with an easy-to-understand and explain test report. You can download the PDF test report or send it by e-mail. Expand your PDF knowledge with the explanations and tips from the 3CPDF test report.

Cloud + Platform Independent

3CPDF is the only application in the world that can check and correct your PDF print data in the cloud. After processing, your data is encrypted for 2 hours in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). 3CPDF is not only device- but also platform-independent. 3CPDF in the home office? No problem, with 3CPDF and an internet connection you can edit PDF print data completely independent of location.

Updates + New Functions

3CPDF updates and new functions are available to you free of charge as a subscription customer.

What our customers and partners say

"With 3CPDF I can check and correct the PDF files on site at the customer. This supports us enormously in analyzing printing problems. The explanatory error and
correction report is easy to understand. I also find it brilliant that we can use 3CPDF on any mobile device."

Andreas Renner

Expert Digital Print
Support Production Printing
Konica Minolta

"I really enjoy working with 3CPDF because it is so easy and intuitive to use. I can currently use 3CPDF in my home office on my tablet. The super understandable test report even helps me in training when it comes to the topic of PDF in prepress."

Maria Bisaku

kartenmacherei GmbH

"We are an enthusiastic customer of 3CPDF, the fast print data check, the comprehensible check report, and last but not least the unbeatable price have convinced us."

Stephanie Meier

Tom Fox GmbH

"In times of Corona and home office, cloud-based software solutions allow digital workflows to be maintained almost without restriction. But new workflows also become possible, which in the best case also eliminate "old" problems. 3CPDF brings callas pdfToolbox technology for professional PDF checking and correction in prepress to the cloud - mobile app included. This benefits not only the employees in the home office: customer communication for the best possible preparation of print data is put on a new footing, as 3CPDF also offers easy-to-understand check reports in the layout of the print shop."

Dietrich von Seggern (CEO)

Callas Software GmbH

"3CPDF is an easy-to-use tool for all process participants in the media production chain. It makes quality management feasible for everyone, not only at the desk but also on the road. You don't need to have studied for the comprehensible test reports and the information and instructions are clear and understandable.
Those who "complain" because the use of the tool costs money are out of place, because professional quality is priceless!"

Rüdiger Maaß

Managing Director of Fachverband Medienproduktion e. V.

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